BLSA Speed Records

Performance Class


 NameSpeed (MPH)DateVenueWind (MPH)Sail-size
1Chris Moore K359.6 –Pembrey –2m
2Tony Elliott K6459.3 –Pembrey –2m
3Roger Jackson K3159.0311.01.20Pembrey30-452m
4Ed Delahaye K8558.611.01.20Pembrey30-552m
5Ed Delahaye K8555.826.11.11Pembrey30-402m
6Kevin Meyers K5155.6 –Perranporth Aerodrome –2m
7David Hicks K29955.329.01.16West Wittering30-352m
8Steve Harvey K6354.2 –Pembrey –3m
9Alan Gibson K22053.85.4.12Ivanpah25-352m
10Nick Trollope K17353.221.9.19Llanbedr25-302m


Production Class
PosNameSpeed (MPH)DateVenueWind (MPH)Sail-size
1Ron Westcott K22154.304.04.2024Ivanpah25-352m
2Chris Selway K4652.505.04.2012Ivanpah25-352m
3John Gillborn K1948.805.04.2012Ivanpah25-353m
4Lachlan Wright (Jr) K23748.605.04.2012Ivanpah25-353m
5Nick Trollope K17348.5810.08.2014Weston Windzone412m
6Matthew Edwards K10047.1 27.10.2013Llanbedr25-402m
7Tom Rimmer (Jr) K19747.0 –Midlands ASC25-353m
8Chris Mumford K6146.326.10.2013 Llanbedr25-403m
9Gary Latham K2146.020.08.2016Pembrey25-402m
10Martyn Allport K71144.726.10.2013Llanbedr 25-404m

Chris Moore & Tony Elliot 39.1 MPH 3m sails. Weston S Mare (Beach)

Chris Moore & James Brown  29.4 MPH Pendine S.Wales (Beach)

The Rules:

Speed has to be clocked by GPS and have at least 1 other BLSA member in attendance to verify it (2 if you want it recognised by Blokart Int).

Please include a photo of the GPS display and details as per the tables below.

Classes strictly as per IBRA rules (ie, no carbon masts, mast cranes or pods in Production).

Please make sure that you follow all the safety guidelines, especially concerning members of the general public before attempting any high speed runs.  

Be safe! 

To get your name listed, please email the secretary.