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National Championship – German Blokart Open

The ideal course in Kiel-Holtenau is right on the water. At the same time, the tall ship parade passed by on the fjord. Photo: Sascha Klahn

A distinction is made in blokart sport between the categories of performance and production. The latter includes all basic blokart models without individual adjustments. Companions with additional upgrades, such as carbon masts or aerodynamic panels, are rated in the performance category. Sail sizes between two and five and a half square meters are used. The general rule is: if you are fast, you sail a smaller sail to keep the resistance low.

Sailboat on wheels in trunk size

The Blokart was developed in 1999 by New Zealander Paul Beckett, inspired by hang gliding and land sailing. In his garage, he built a wind-powered vehicle that is fun, fast, and very compact. “The big advantage of the blokart is its compactness. Disassembled, it fits in a luggage compartment-sized bag. Three wheels, a mast with a boom, sail, sheet and the frame, which is assembled completely without tools – the blokart is ready, ”explains class boss Alexander Bruhn.

For big and small, old and young

He sees another advantage in the fact that blokart driving can be learned quickly and is very safe. “Blokart is a class for active people of all ages and ability levels and is also inclusive. With us, children race against older adults and people with and without handicaps against each other. There is a reason why we call us the Blokart family. In the races, we fight ambitiously for victory, especially at the top, but the fun factor is always our top priority, ”said the successful land sailor.

The event is finished.