Annual membership of the BLSA for adults and Juniors (minimum 8 years old). Includes worldwide insurance policy that covers you for third-party damages up to £10million.  Membership is for Blokart & Speedsail only.


You should ONLY purchase ONE Membership per login.  IF you are an Adult Member you MUST NOT add a Junior membership to your basket.   We need to know the details of all members.  One Account, One Member, One Membership.   If you are attempting to purchase a membership for a junior member, you MUST register as that member and log in as that member and then purchase your junior membership.  Without doing that we will not have details of the member and they cannot be covered by BLSA Insurance.

If you have questions please contact Adrian Chalkley or Richard Hollingsworth who will be happy to assist you. Details are available on the contact us page.

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