Blokart racing is the next step from social sailing, although we can guarantee if there are more than one of you out social sailing, you’ll be racing each other!

Blokart racing is competitive, structured, rewarding and great fun. It’s open to all members of the BLSA regardless of age and experience.

There are various levels of racing, local, national and international. Local clubs organise training sessions and fun races. The BLSA organises a b Race Series each year which is a series held at different venues thought the UK. For some, this is a great starting point on learning how to race. There are always experienced racers on hand to give advice and tips. We even have a World Champion!! International racing venues are France, Holland, New Zealand and the US to name a few.

The racing is divided into two classes, production and performance. Production is basically your Blokart as if it just came out of the bag and performance where the Blokart is enhanced with additional kit. Additional kits can include carbon fibre masts, a POD, large front wheel etc.

Each class is divided into weight categories. They are:

Light weight
Middle Weight
Heavy Weight
Super Heavy Weight

Racing takes place under IBRA (International Blokart Racing Association) rules and these are generally used world wide

In September, The BLSA organises The British Blokart Open Championship (BRITS). This is an invitation for all BLSA Members to race. As it is an Open invitation it does attract many foreign Blokart Sailors from Europe and even as far away as New Zealand. This is our Premier racing event in the UK & Ireland and is always well attended, very competitive but most importantly FUN!

If you fancy travelling further afield, many members also compete in European open races.

There is even a World Championship Blokart Competition. This is held every 2 years and countries take turns to host this event.

If you are interested in Blokart Racing why not contact your local club and give it a try.


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